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Costs to attend the New to the NWT Educator Conference

The Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) is hosting this conference and taking care of all costs. Some reimbursement costs will be done through your District Education Council (DEC) or “board” after the event to speed up reimbursement. Once the participants within a DEC have been reimbursed, (Per Diems, Mileage and other costs) your DEC will submit the total costs to ECE so that, in the end, ECE has paid for all costs.

Per Diem

All lunches and nutritional breaks will be provided for all participants and presenters each day (August 21 to 23, 2018).
Upon arriving in your home community, after this event, all GNWT NWTTA members can claim all other meals through a per diem system (no receipts are required). After completion of a form, your DEC or “board” will reimburse you and then send the total bill to the Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) for reimbursement.

GNWT Bargaining Unit members can refer to the one page explanation included in your conference folder.

Participants living in Yellowknife (YK1 and YCS) will have lunch and nutritional breaks provided each day.

All participants will receive a detailed map and listing of restaurants in your conference package. This will help you find places and food that you will enjoy while staying in Yellowknife. The Chateau Nova hotel has the Quarry restaurant located right on site. This restaurant is a full service restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and supper daily/

Flight Travel

All flight travel will be pre-arranged and paid for prior to your departure. There are two ways that your travel to the N2NEC will be looked after for you.

Situation One
Some participants are stopping over in Yellowknife for four nights (August 14, 15, 16 and 17, 2017) on their way to their new community. In this case, Finance and Human Resources have kindly arranged the stopovers and paid for these flights. 

Situation Two
Some participants are already in their new communities. In this case, the Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) will arrange and pay for flights prior to your departure for Yellowknife. Flights in this type of situation will be arranged through the office of Colleen Eckert. She can be reached at or p. 867.767.9353, Ext. 71262. Her cellnumber is 867.445.2074.


All travelling participants are booked into the newest hotel in Yellowknife - The Chateau Nova. You can view the hotel and information by visiting their website ( and click on Yellowknife). These arrangements have been made through Colleen Eckert's office at the Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) and all room and taxes will be paid directly by ECE. Any additional costs (room service, pet fees etc…) must be paid for by the participant prior to departing the hotel. ECE has a block booking of rooms for this event which includes single rooms with a queen bed and double rooms with two queen beds. The Chateau Nova hotel is less than a year old and will provide all NWT new hires attending the N2NEC with a comfortable stay. The hotel is conveniently located two blocks from the downtown core. The Chateau Nova is also conveniently located across the street from the venue in which we will begin Day 1 of the conference on Tuesday, August 20.


There are a few instances where participants may be driving into Yellowknife to attend this event as there is no airport in their community and they are on the road system (examples: Fort Providence and Behchoko). If you are driving to Yellowknife or driving from your community to the nearest airport (example (Fort Resolution to Hay River to catch a flight) then this mileage can also be claimed. When you return to your community, you will complete a claim form and your DEC or “board” will reimburse and then send the total bill to ECE for reimbursement.

Receipts for necessary taxis should be kept and submitted along with your claim form for any per diem and mileage reimbursement requests (which do not require receipts).

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