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Teacher Induction & Mentorship Program

Scroll below for the current english and french versions of the Teacher Induction and Mentorship Program that are available online on the GNWT website. During the N2NEC gathering (August 15-17, 2017), we will share recently updated versions of the documents for this program.

ECE works closely with the DECs and the DEAs to facilitate the Teacher Induction Program. This program was introduced into the NWT school system during the 2000-2001 academic year. 

The NWT Teacher Induction program supports new and beginning teachers through pre-orientation material, on site orientations, a formal mentorship program, electronic exchanges, the NWT Induction website @ and professional development opportunities. The NWT Teacher Mentorship Program is an essential part of the support for new and beginning teachers. 

This program partners new and beginning teachers with experienced Northern teachers as mentors. ECE provides support for this program through a training session for all participants, a honourium for mentors and a half-day per month release for each mentorship team for professional development. 


  1. To promote the personal and professional well-being of teachers new to the NWT

  2. To extend opportunities for collegial sharing and reflective practice

  3. To provide experienced teachers with opportunities for professional development and leadership

  4. To accelerate the transmission of school, community and regional culture

  5. To improve teaching practice

  6. To improve student learning

  7. To increase teacher retention across the NWT

  8. To increase teacher retention in the profession

  9. To enhance teacher confidence and commitment to the profession

Goals of the Mentorship Program


These definitions provide a common language in induction and mentoring programs.


Beginning Teacher - an individual in the first year of the profession, either straight out of university or someone who has entered the profession after raising a family or leaving another career


Teacher Induction - the period of transition of new and beginning teachers from new kid on the block to experienced member of staff


Mentor - An experienced teacher who has taken on the role of advisor, role model, listener, guide, coach, extra eyes and encourager


Mentorship Program – a dynamic process, which builds on the needs of the beginning teacher, the strengths of the mentor and the relationship between the two. The relationship must be flexible to fit the partnership and provide formal and informal interactions


New Teacher - an experienced teacher who is new to the NWT


Protégé - the new or beginning teacher who works with a mentor

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